February 22, 2023

3 Things to Look for When Deciding on the Best Self-Directed IRA for Precious Metals

When it comes to finding the best Self-Directed IRA for precious metals, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While all Self-Directed IRAs have the same foundational function and benefits of allowing alternative investments including precious metals, each Self-Directed IRA company has its own way of doing things. The nuances are important, but at the end of the day, you’re looking for a Precious Metals IRA (also referred to as a Gold IRA) with three main qualities: 

Pile of gold and silver bullion, which can be invested in with a Self-Directed IRA.

1. Service

Investing in gold can be confusing when you’re just getting started. Where do you begin and how do you know that a dealer is trustworthy? Not only that; owning gold can be downright nerve-racking if you’re storing prized bullion bars in your home. Investing in a gold-mining stock or ETF is another option, but that keeps you tied to the stock market. 

Self-Directed IRA investors meeting with their Self-Directed IRA Custodian

By opening a Self-Directed IRA, you can invest in precious metals and diversify your portfolio without having to navigate the ins and outs of precious metals investing on your own. At Madison Trust, you get a direct line to a dedicated Self-Directed IRA Specialist who’s there to maintain your account and answer any questions you might have. As your Self-Directed IRA custodian, Madison Trust facilitates your investment transactions and prepares the annual reporting on your behalf.

2. Simplicity

Again, precious metals investing can be complex. Likewise, so can opening a Self-Directed IRA. Ideally, your Self-Directed Gold IRA company of choice will simplify both. If you’re wondering how to buy gold and feeling overwhelmed by the process, let Madison Trust make it easy. We’ve boiled it down to six steps:

How To Invest in Precious Metals with Your Self-Directed IRA Infographic: (1) Open a Self-Directed IRA with Madison Trust, and fund your account.  (2) Open an account online with FideliTrade, a Delaware Depository Company. (3) Visit FideliTrade's Products & Prices page to pick what precious metals you'd like to invest in and call to lock in your price. (4) Fill out the Trade Confirmation from FideliTrade and Investment Authorization Form from Madison Trust. (5) Madison Trust wires your funds to Delaware Depository. (6) Delaware Depository securely stores your precious metals.

Our relationship with FideliTrade, a Delaware Depository company, makes precious metals investing fast and seamless. We also keep our custodial fees low and flat, even as your investments grow, so you can focus on growing your retirement funds.   

3. Security

As tangible, valuable commodities, precious metals come with the added responsibility of safekeeping. Storing metals in a world-class facility like Delaware Depository is an attractive option for many people. With Madison Trust, you can choose between Delaware Depository’s non-segregated storage, in which you own your invested amounts of metals in general, or upgrade to segregated storage of exact physical bars. Either way, your gold is safe, along with any silver, platinum, or palladium that you might choose to invest in.

Self-Directed IRA investor wearing a suit and holding a tablet with a floating security lock to show how your gold investment is safe at a world-class facility like Delaware Depository.

Ready to start your Self-Directed Gold IRA? Get service, simplicity, and security with Madison Trust. Open your account today.

Disclaimer: All of the information contained on our website is a general discussion for informational purposes only. Madison Trust Company does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. Nothing of the foregoing, or of any other written, electronic, or oral statement or communication by Madison Trust Company or its representatives, is intended to be, or may be relayed as, legal, tax, investment advice, statements, opinions, or predictions. Prior to making any investment decisions, please consult with the appropriate legal, tax, and investment professionals for advice.

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