Empowering Borrowers: How Non-Recourse Loans Redefine Investing in Real Estate

What is a Non-Recourse Loan?

A non-recourse loan is a type of loan where the IRA account holder is not personally liable for repaying any outstanding balance on the loan. Instead, the loan is in the name of the Self-Directed IRA, not the account holder, and it is secured only by collateral, typically the property being purchased. A non-recourse loan provides many Self-Directed IRA account holders a way to further diversify their portfolio with real estate.

Benefits of a Non-Recourse Loan

Benefits of a Non-Recourse Loan: (1) A Means of Diversifying Your Portfolio (2) The Self-Directed IRA is Liable for Your Loan, Not You Personally (3) IRA-Compliant and Tax-Advantaged Account

Non-Recourse Lending Program

The non-recourse lending program gives you the opportunity to invest in a variety of property types including residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-family homes. Visit How To Invest in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA Non-Recourse Loan for further information regarding the non-recourse lending program and non-recourse loan options.

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How To Start Investing with a Non-Recourse Loan


Open and Fund a Self-Directed IRA at Madison Trust 

Open a Self-Directed IRA with Madison Trust by completing our simple online application. Fund your Self-Directed IRA by transferring or rolling over funds from an existing retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k), or by making an initial contribution.

Identify an Income Producing Property

Think about what type of property you are looking to invest in with your Self-Directed IRA. The non-recourse lending program gives you the opportunity to invest in residential, commercial, industrial, or multi-family properties.
Icon of a tall building to signify investing in real estate with a Self-Directed IRA.

Execute a Purchase Agreement in the 
Name of your Self-Directed IRA

Madison Trust will sign all necessary paperwork involved in executing a Purchase Agreement. Simultaneously, you will complete an Investment Authorization Form and Madison Trust will place the deposit on the property.

The buyer of the property is your Self-Directed IRA and should be listed as follows, “Madison Trust Company Custodian FBO [your name] [your Madison Trust account number]”.
Icon of documents with a dollar sign on it to signify that you can invest in promissory notes with a Self-Directed IRA.

Apply for a Non-Recourse Loan with 
Our Preferred Lending Partner

Schedule a call with a Madison Trust Self-Directed IRA Specialist and we will put you in touch with our preferred lending partner.
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Close on the Property and Loan

Madison Trust Company will review and sign all closing documents. Simultaneously, you will complete an Investment Authorization Form for Madison Trust to fund your percentage of the investment. (Payments are made from your Self-Directed IRA, not your personal bank account). Then, the lender will provide the remaining amount needed to close on your real estate investment.
Icon of a house to signify a real estate investment.

Learn more about leveraging your real estate investment with a Self-Directed IRA

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Are you interested in investing in real estate through a non-recourse loan? Call one of Madison Trust's Self-Directed IRA Specialists today to get started! 
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Non-Recourse Loans - FAQs

What is the processing time for a non-recourse loan?

The processing time is typically 3 - 6 weeks from application to closing, depending on the title work. The approval for the loan takes place within 7 days. 

How does the Non-Recourse Lending Program work?

The non-recourse lending program combines our expertise with Self-Directed IRAs, unmatched client support, and fixed rates so you can seamlessly invest in the property of your choice.

The details of the non-recourse lending program are as follows:
    • Loan Amounts: $100,000 - $499,999 (will consider larger requests)
    • Term: 
          • Loan Term: 3 - 5 years
          • Amortization: Up to 25 years 
    • Loan Rate: Prime +
    • Loan-to-Value: 65% ±
    • Debt Service Coverage Ratio: 1.25% + 

What are fees for a non-recourse loan?

Below is an approximation of the fees for a non-recourse loan.
    • Origination Fee: 2%
    • Closing Costs (title, filings, etc.): Typically between $2,500 - $5,000

Are there any additional rules to keep in mind for a non-recourse loan? 

When an IRA uses leverage to purchase an investment, then the earnings attributable to the leveraged portion are subject to UDFI (Unrelated Debt Financed Income). The filing of Form 990-T is required.

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