It’s a Good Day for a Roth IRA

Posted on: September 17, 2020   |   Category: How To

There are two types of Self Directed IRAs: Traditional and Roth. Both give you the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade assets without incurring a capital gains tax. Being Self Directed, they also both offer the freedom to invest in alternatives (such as real estate) that may provide a more stable revenue stream than the volatile stock market.   However, there are […]

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5 Ways to Celebrate National Financial Awareness Day

Posted on: August 14, 2020   |   Category: In The News

Did you hear? August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day! Most likely it is not your favorite holiday, but one that can do you some good. The financial decisions you make now affect your future in that scenic retirement destination.   Here are five pieces of advice to take advantage of as you start your journey towards […]

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Is the 401(k) Still Working?

Posted on: July 24, 2020   |   Category: In The News

The 401(k) plan, like all retirement plans, was meant to incentivize people to save for retirement.  It accomplished this by officially offering some big tax incentives. Put money into the plan and reap the benefits. What happens, though, when the tax environment changes and those benefits disappear? In a recent Bloomberg Op-Ed, Aaron Brown details the 401(k) shift and explains why investors might want to reconsider.  […]

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Why the IRS CARES About RMDs

Posted on: July 1, 2020   |   Category: In The News

When the IRS releases new IRA information, it’s dry, boring, and usually just a technical thing that your accountant needs to know about. This time, though, the IRS update has some real need-to-know kind of news. It’s about the CARES Act and it can affect you right now. Let’s start with a quick overview and then move on to […]

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Covid and the Little Investor

Posted on: June 19, 2020   |   Category: In The News

Everybody and his sister has an opinion about Covid and the state of the world today. Although we don’t begrudge anybody their First Amendment right, it does make it hard to plan for a comfortable retirement.  Who are you supposed to listen to get your ducks in a row? Obviously, there are no guarantees in investments, but if you want to look for advice from […]

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Feds Find Favor in Freeing Funds

Posted on: June 8, 2020   |   Category: In The News

DOL Acknowledges Retirement Investing Can Extend Beyond Wall Street What does the Department of Labor have to do with your retirement planning? A lot. The DOL regulates the kinds of assets that your IRA and 401k can invest in and tries to make sure that brokers follow the Fiduciary Rule. In short, a broker or […]

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Your Second Property

Posted on: June 8, 2020   |   Category: Real Estate

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed your first investment property. Of course, there was a steep learning curve, and you didn’t realize quite how much work was going to be involved, but you made it. Now you’re probably enough of an expert that you can give advice to friends and family. The question is what’s next for […]

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The Cap Rate: The First Number of Professional Investors

Posted on: March 18, 2020   |   Category: Real Estate

Say “Hi” to the Cap Rate  When you first enter the world of real estate investing, you’ll find a lot of new terms and acronyms. (Every industry likes to feel special.) One of the most common phrases you’ll see is “capitalization rate”. Or, as it is more popularly known, the “cap rate”. The cap rate is a simple […]

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Real Estate – Why Is It So Popular?

Posted on: March 18, 2020   |   Category: Real Estate

After the stock market, real estate is easily the most written about asset. Investors across the world look to real estate as a means of producing wealth and then as a vehicle for storing it. Due to its popularity, it’s often the first alternative asset that new investors consider. What exactly is it about land that makes it so attractive as […]

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