Document Custody

Madison Trust

Premium Document Custody

What makes Madison Trust the preferred Document Custodian ?

Madison Trust is quickly becoming the industry’s preferred Custodian with our simple and intuitive approach to document services. We have streamlined the process with a minimum of paperwork, an effective client support team, and the availability of real time technical assistance.

How can Madison work for your fund?

Speak to a Specialist today and get educated about what Madison can do for you:

  • Full online access
  • Real time report generation
  • Comprehensive file review and certification
  • Encrypted electronic file exchange
  • Complete endorsement services
  • Secure storage in a safety enhanced fire resistant environment
  • Simple and economical document management

Who stands behind Madison Trust?

Madison Trust is chartered and regulated by the Banking Department of South Dakota, and is a Qualified Custodian under the Advisers Act.


To learn more, please speak with one of Document Specialists: 800.721.4900.