June 3, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Nicole Capurso, Investor Relations Specialist

Meet Nicole Capurso, Madison Trust’s Investor Relations Specialist! Nicole joined Madison Trust in 2020 and has many admirable qualities that help her succeed in her role. With her attention to detail, strong drive to achieve collective goals, and flawless communication skills, Nicole is able to form positive connections and execute seamless transactions for many Investment Sponsors and clients. We asked Nicole a few questions to learn more about her and what it takes to be the Investor Relations Specialist at Madison Trust.  

1. What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to spend most of my time with family and friends. In addition, I love checking out new restaurants and trying out new recipes in my kitchen (sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing). In my free time, I also enjoy sharpening my event management skills by taking courses online, keeping up with unique event trends, and even assisting family and friends with their own events.  

2. What has been your path to Madison Trust? What skills have you transferred from your past positions to your position now?  

I graduated with both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration Degree from Johnson & Wales University. Before joining Madison Trust, all my past work experiences have been in the hospitality industry but the pandemic has pushed me to switch gears to the financial services industry. I have since learned so much about the ins and outs of alternative investing with a Self Directed IRA.  

The biggest takeaway from both my previous work and schooling experience is time management. A very important person in my life, my mother, has always told me to “take one step at a time.” 

At Madison Trust, my time management skills have allowed me to communicate effectively with my team members, as well as those in different departments and our clients and Investment Sponsors. An important part of my job is selecting my top priorities and completing the subsequent tasks. For example, if I know a client is investing in an asset that requires a quick turnaround, I prioritize the tasks that need to be completed so the investment process is as seamless and efficient as possible.  

I constantly brainstorm ways we can improve our processes to make it easier for both the client and our company while adhering to our company’s standards and policies.  

3. As the Investor Relations Specialist, what does your typical workday look like?  

My role is dedicated to building the bridge between clients, Investment Sponsors, and our company to ensure positive relationships and seamless investment transactions. A typical workday for me is to consistently be connecting with someone.  

4. Do you collaborate with other departments?

Yes! I am in constant contact with multiple departments at Madison Trust. I could not imagine doing my job effectively without being in touch with these valuable departments. A large portion of my day is spent connecting with people on Microsoft Teams, conference calls, or through emails.  

I collaborate with the Support/Onboarding team to make sure a client’s application is filled out properly, the Transfers Department to assist with account funding, and the Investments Department to ensure all documents are received and in good order. I am constantly in contact with someone to ensure the client’s and Investment Sponsor’s experience is exceptional.  

5. What is your favorite part of your job? 

The people I work with! My colleagues are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to step in and assist with a great attitude.  

It is an incredible honor to have been selected to be the Investor Relations Specialist. In fact, I am the first woman to be part of Madison Trust's Sales Department. It is commendable to work for an organization that is committed to building a more diverse and gender-equitable industry. Madison Trust has promoted diversity and the empowerment of women to find their personal path to success. How cool is that?

6. How does your role as Investor Relations Specialist benefit both Investment Sponsors and clients?

Investor Relations offers the opportunity for Investment Sponsors to communicate directly with Madison Trust via one point of contact (myself) to complete an investment transaction in a swift timeframe. There are instances where a client has a quick turnaround investment, and it is my job to build that relationship with the Investment Sponsor to ensure the client’s investment documents and account are in good order.  

7. As an Investment Sponsor, what is the process I must do to get started?  

The first step is to send us the necessary documents, which vary based on the investment. These documents may include a copy of the Subscription Agreement and other offering documents. Once the documents are submitted, our Compliance Department can pre-approve them and move forward with the investment.

8. What types of investments are best for this opportunity?  

The opportunities that catch my eye are Limited Partnerships, Private Placements, Real Estate Funds, and Private Equity Investments (which include raising capital from individuals).

9. Are there any unique investments that stood out to you? 

I recently saw someone who invested in a company that is producing a film. That is so awesome! It just goes to show how a Self Directed IRA lets accountholders invest in such diverse assets. I look forward to watching the movie! 

10. What are the benefits of working with Madison Trust and you as the point of contact for Investment Sponsors?  

Transparency! I try my best every single day to ensure a complete and correct transaction between our company and clients. Investment Sponsors and clients can expect my willingness to assist with the process to fund their investment as promptly as possible. I try to place myself in the shoes of both the client and Investment Sponsor to understand the urgency and importance of the investment to their retirement portfolio.  

I also like to lead with the end in mind and ask myself questions such as: How am I going to get this investment funded by this date? What do I need to do to complete this investment?  

11. What drew you to work at Madison Trust?  

The opportunity for career growth. I wanted to be part of a company that had goal-setting standards for associates to be able to grow in their careers based on their hard work, experience, and teamwork initiatives. When I was first hired, I was brought on by a manager who was recently promoted to her role, and she shared her journey at Madison Trust with me. That was so inspiring! It is refreshing to be part of an organization that sees the potential of associates and acts on it.  

12. How would you describe Madison Trust’s company culture? 

The company culture at Madison Trust is committed to teamwork and continuous improvement. We are continuously learning from and training each other to become the best at what we do. I believe that wherever you are in life, there is always an opportunity to improve.  

13. I know you also enjoy being part of the event planning at Madison Trust. What has been your favorite company event so far?  

My favorite event at Madison Trust was our first ever (now annual) Spirit Week. Each day during that week, employees participated by dressing up according to different themed days and completing various tasks. For example, on color wars day each team was designated a specific color and tasked with decorating a desk in this color. My team was red and created the theme “Why We Love Madison Trust”. Each of my department members individually wrote about the company culture at Madison Trust.  

My response was “What I love is the collaborative environment at Madison Trust Company. No matter which department you are in, we all support each other and work together to make our ideas a reality.” 

In addition to color wars day, we also held a philanthropy event where we donated hundreds of canned foods to a local food pantry. It was so nice to see everyone work together and have fun! 

14. Fun Fact: Where is your favorite travel destination?  

If I had to choose one of my favorite places to travel it would either be Long Beach Island, New Jersey or Newport, Rhode Island. Traveling to a new place is exciting but for me, it is more about who I am sharing these experiences and creating memories with.  

I am fulfilling one of my bucket list travel destinations next month in (drum roll please) Portugal! I cannot wait to share with you my experience of the history, food, and views. Stay tuned!  

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