Our Executives

Board of Directors
E. Brian Finkelstein – Chairman and Shareholder
Mr. Finkelstein comes to Madison Trust Co. with over twenty-five years of experience in global financial markets. Previously he served as President and CEO of Helix Financial Systems, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, where he managed the development of systems successfully marketed and sold to major financial institutions. Before that he was the Managing Director of Global Finance Operations at UBS. While there he developed the global repo and money market business at UBS into one of the strongest financing operations on Wall Street. Mr. Finkelstein spent the last eight years as chairman of Broad Financial LLC where he oversees day-to-day operations. Mr. Finkelstein’s astute decisive leadership has become renowned for its outstanding bottom line results and team building professionalism.

Mervyn Klein – CEO, Board Member, and Shareholder
Mr. Klein brings to Madison Trust Co. more than two decades in the industrial real estate sector. A founding partner of LMS Realty, he was responsible for transforming the historic American Can Factory into a thriving hub for the creative arts. As a principal in Hudson Development LLC, he developed the Anheuser-Busch Distribution Facility. Under the banner of MK Read and Company, he served as a technological business consultant bringing together tech savvy startups with industrial leaders like Lucent-Bell. Mr. Klein spent the last eight years as CEO of Broad Financial where he oversees the business development aspects of their self-directed IRA business.  Mr. Klein’s acuity in accessing business climate and personality will bring Madison Trust Co. to the forefront of the self-directed retirement industry.

Daniel Gleich – President, Board Member, and Shareholder
Mr. Gleich brings 25 years of experience in managing the operational side of business ventures. Mr. Gleich’s storied financial career began as a 14 year old entrepreneur with the founding of Creditline, a credit repair company. During his college years, he was instrumental in the financial grounding of Time Equipment Corp., a time and attendance business. Subsequently Mr. Gleich served as Managing Director at R.B. Miller & Associates, a broadly-focused real estate group whose client list included names like the Museum of Modern Art and McKesson. Subsequently, he partnered with Mervyn Klein and founded Hudson Development, a real estate development company. There he was instrumental in developing large scale projects like the 400,000 sf College Point Graphic Communications Center, Prada USA’s 175,000 sf headquarters and distribution center, and numerous other industrial and commercial developments.  Mr. Gleich spent the last eight years as President of Broad Financial where he where he oversees the operational aspects of their self-directed IRA business.
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Jim Riswold – Board Member
Mr. Riswold has 25 years of experience in the financial services and trust industry. He started work with The First National Bank in Sioux Falls in the accounting department. A year and a half later he moved to the trust department where he stayed until he left the bank to participate in the formation of Corundum Trust Company in September of 2002.  During his tenure at the bank, Mr. Riswold continued his education at the Cannon Financial Institutes Corporate Trust and Securities Operations Schools. At the time of his departure from the bank, he was the Vice President and Manager of the Trust Operations Division for the bank’s 2.5 billion dollar trust department. While at the bank he also served as a member of the Trust Executive Committee, the Trust Review Committee, the Bank Operations Committee, and the Bank Strategic Technology Committee. As a founding member of Corundum Trust Company, Mr. Riswold has served as its Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board since its inception. He earned his CTFA designation in July of 2005. Mr. Riswold has also participated in the formation of four other trust companies in South Dakota for whom he also served as a director.

David Timpe – CPA, Board Member
Mr. Timpe, a South Dakota resident, retired as a partner in a large regional CPA firm. Since then, he’s been the Interim CFO of a start-up Internet advertising company; Interim CFO for five different Midwestern healthcare facilities; Interim CFO for a telemedicine company; and interim CEO of a Midwestern Hospital and School. Mr. Timpe has been on a Board of a publically traded restaurant company and helped transition a company in the hospitality industry from private ownership, financed by investor loans, into a NYSE listed company. He currently serves on a number of Boards including a bank and its Audit Committee; two different Investment Committees (one healthcare and one religious); Healthcare insurance company Finance Committee; construction/apartment rental company; a State of SD financing Authority; and four SD Trust Companies.