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At Madison Trust, we take pride in our transparent, sensible fee schedule.

The cost to set up a Self Directed IRA is $50 and $90 per quarter to maintain.

Annual Fee Comparison

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There are 2 popular fee structures in the Self Directed IRA industry:

  • Asset-Based Model 
  • Flat Rate Model

Asset-Based custodians charge fees based upon the value of an IRA. For example, an IRA valued at $25,000 may be charged $330 per year, while an IRA valued at $250,000 is charged $660. As the IRA’s value increases the fee to maintain the IRA increases as well.

Flat rate custodians charge the same fee regardless of the amount in an IRA. Whether an account’s value is $25,000 or $250,000, the fee remains the same. 

Madison Trust Company is a “flat rate” custodian, whose annual fee is among the lowest in the industry. 

Feel free to refer to the chart above to see the impact asset-based pricing vs flat rate pricing can have on your IRA. Madison Trust Company’s pricing is represented with the blue flat line at the $360 mark.

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