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The Madison Gold IRA Advantage

The Madison Trust Gold IRA offers investors a sensible approach to placing gold in a retirement account. Most other gold IRA platforms are interested in just one thing: selling as much gold as possible. These companies make their money on the gold itself, and seek to take advantage by raising the markup and associated fees. With this model, you’re locked in to one supplier and whatever price they decide to give you. Here at Madison we recognize that this system is unfavorable for investors, so we created a better one.

The Madison Trust Gold IRA provides a solid custodian for your retirement investing, but gives you the flexibility to purchase from the supplier of your choice. Do your research and choose the gold company with which you’re most comfortable. Once you have made a decision, Madison Trust will send the requisite amount of funds and have your gold delivered to a qualified depository. This model allows you to purchase your gold in a sensible manner with control over its price and source.

What kind of gold can be placed in an IRA?

Section 408(m)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code clearly defines what type of coins and bars (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) may be placed in a retirement account.  This includes gold, silver, and platinum American Eagles as well as any other coin or bar minted by a government or produced by a manufacturer accredited by NYMEX, COMEX, or the like that meets the following fineness:  Gold: 99.50%  Silver: 99.90%  Platinum & Palladium: 99.95%.  For a deeper discussion please click here.

What happens if I want to diversify beyond gold?

With Madison’s self-directed platform, getting in and out of different assets is simple. Usually it takes nothing more than filling out a few forms. The flexibility of the Madison custodianship means that you’re never locked into a long term contact for any asset.

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