Our History

We are three partners with varied backgrounds that share a common passion for empowering individuals to take control of their retirement funds. As partners, we started with a simple idea: provide investors with a simple and sensible way to invest their IRAs into alternative assets of their choosing.

Our first goal was to empower investors and give them the tools they needed to create their own prosperity. This was accomplished in 2009 with the launch of Broad Financial and the Ultimate IRA. The Ultimate IRA is a fully Self-Directed IRA which allows individual investors to place their retirement funds in the alternative assets that they find to be most profitable. It differs from standard Self-Directed IRAs with its unique feature of Checkbook Control. This feature cuts out the paperwork and fees that normally accompany Self-Directed IRAs and allows for real time hassle-free investing.

Our second, and perhaps most important, goal was to streamline the custodial platform. The custodian interface has traditionally been the bottleneck in the investment process. It has caused investors undue frustration with its paperwork, slow delivery time, and constant prohibitive fees. Madison Trust was formed to find solutions to these challenges, and provide its clients with smooth responsive administration. Madison accomplishes this with a highly educated support staff, investor friendly fee schedule, and we strive to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry. With these and other sensible industry innovations, we’re bringing new prosperity to the self-directed market.