April 10, 2023

Insight into Investables 


Written By: Daniel Gleich

We sat down with Dmytro Lokshyn, Co-founder and CEO of Investables for our Investment Sponsor Interview Series! This content is for educational purposes only and is not an endorsement.

Dmytro Lokshyn, the co-founder and CEO of Investables

1. What inspired you to start Investables? 

I was inspired to launch Investables when I began focusing on the alternative investment space, and noticed Rolex watches were soaring in price. I started researching various alternative investments but did not find a satisfying solution. I would find specialized platforms but not one that gave me an opportunity to select different assets to invest in. To address this challenge, we set out to create a new platform, and Investables was born! 

Men's wristwatch wrapped around a roll of one hundred dollar bills

Investables is multifaceted, so we strive to offer a variety of categories to invest in such as luxury watches, fine art, and even wine.

2. What is the main goal of Investables?  

The main goal is to open investment possibilities to physical alternative assets and to ensure liquidity. On our website, we like to say our mission is to “democratize” alternative investments. One issue you may run into when buying a physical asset is that it can be a challenge to sell the asset on the secondary market. Our goal is to broaden the market for investors to sell their shares to other like-minded investors.  

3. Describe the ideal client that Investables aims to reach.  

The ideal client for Investables is someone who does not want to put all their eggs in one basket. 

Investables aims to reach those who want to diversify their portfolio across stocks, bonds, and other private securities. Then we want to offer another category: physical assets such as fine wines or classic cars that appreciate over time. 

The goal is to help investors diversify as they navigate through different market conditions. 

Investment terms on a glass screen being pointe to by a male wearing a suit

4. Is there a quote you try to live by?

There is: Everything happens for a reason. That is my life motto. Even if sometimes I feel disappointed, after the passage of some time, when I look back, I realize that everything turned out for the better. So, everything happens for a reason. It is just a matter of how well you cope with the situations that come your way.

5. What interests do you pursue when you are not working?  

There are a few! I enjoy playing soccer, and I love traveling throughout Europe. I especially appreciate visiting historic cities that date as far back as the 12th century. Also during our travels, we adopted a stray cat! We found this little guy living on the streets of a resort, and we brought him home with us. Since then, our cat has traveled with us a lot by car. Amazingly, he enjoys being in the car and has traveled for up to 12-16 hours at a time. He could have his own passport. 

6. Tell us what is coming up next for Investables.  

A bottle of white wine being poured into a glass over a line diagram showing growth

We are developing other asset categories in addition to luxury watches, so stay tuned!

We plan to introduce investments opportunities in fine wines and liquors. Cheers to that.

Visit Investables to learn about investing in collections of Rolex watches, fine art, and more. To speak with a Self-Directed IRA Specialist about investing in alternative assets with your retirement funds, schedule a call today. 

This blog is not an endorsement of these investments.  

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