May 18, 2023

Investment Sponsor Spotlight: Provision Capital 

Written By: Daniel Gleich

Key Points 

  • Provision Capital offers a fixed income fund with a rental component.
  • Provision Capital aims to create tangible investment opportunities.
  • Provision Capital is looking into offering investments in healthcare in the future.

Who is Provision Capital? 

Provision Capital is a socially responsible, full-service investment fund based in Dallas, Texas. Founded by Abdullah Ahmad, Provision Capital’s principles align with the idea that investing in real estate provides a hedge against investments on Wall Street. 

A Provisional Mission

Provision Capital aims to create tangible investment opportunities for everyone. Leveraging his prior experience, Abdullah Ahmad, CEO of Provision Capital, previously advised high net-worth individuals. He offered a lot of advice to wealthy clients and wanted to expand his expertise to a wider population.  

The firm aims to facilitate a world where the benefits of an investment are also enjoyed by the community members whose lives it effects. Provision Capital’s primary investment is centered around their projects and their people. Incorporating radical integrity in their work allows the firm to do right by their investors and create sustainable value. Through dedicated work, Provision Capital seeks to create financial abundance for all through growth and development.  

New Fund on the Block

Gold coins, a clipboard, a small model house, and a calculator arranged on a table, showing an investment in real estate with a Self-Directed IRA.

A new fund that Provision Capital is generating is a fixed income fund that is going to have a rental component. Investors typically receive a steady stream of income from the rental properties under the fund.

Provision Capital believes that while real estate endures cycles, the turns are less sharp, and the returns are generally more consistent compared to investments on Wall Street. 

Reaching for an Ideal Client 

Provision Capital aims to reach investors who are looking for relatively safe investments. There tends to be a limited scope of investments that people have access to, specifically within real estate, because many real estate investments are leveraged. Provision Capital has a broad client base and is open to anyone who can benefit from their investment offerings. 

An Interest in Socially Responsible Investing 

The firm believes in ensuring that every transaction is fair. Texas, where Provision Capital is based, is a landlord friendly state. On the third of the month, a property owner can evict a tenant if they have not paid rent, but Provision Capital takes a more compassionate approach: 

In an example they gave, Provision Capital created an arrangement with one of their tenants who is a single parent and had been renting for three years. The firm allowed her to pay rent by the time she received her second paycheck. Eventually, she moved but told the firm it was the first time she felt like she had a home.  

“It comes down to how you deal with people. How you treat people like contractors and tenants is where the ethical aspect comes into play,” explains Mahmood Usmani, Chief Operating Officer of Provision Capital. 

A Motto to Live By 

A compass pointing to the word "integrity"

The CEO, Abdullah Ahmad, inspires “radical integrity” and it is a value that team members strive to integrate throughout Provision Capital.

Acting with radical integrity is about going above and beyond to do the right thing. This idea is something Abdullah endeavors to seam into the company’s culture. 

What’s Next for Provision Capital? 

Provision Capital is looking outside of real estate to start new funds. The firm places seed investments with their own capital, and they have exciting plans to expand into healthcare. Usmani, Chief Operating Officer of Provision Capital shared that “telehealth is big now. It may take someone two years to set up their own business by themselves, but we can shorten the runway for them and advise on the financial side.” 

Provision Capital wants to provide a wheelhouse to experiment in. For doctors and dentists who dream of starting their own practices, Provision Capital hopes to step in and advise.  

A stethoscope laying on top of 100 dollar bills

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