Investment Sponsors

The Preferred Custodian

For Investment Sponsors

Let investors get involved with your fund.

Madison provides the platform and tools that make it easy for investors to get involved in your fund. Many investors have significant investment capital, but often it’s tied up in retirement assets. Madison Trust unlocks those funds and allows them to flow into alternative investments. Now you can access the capital you need to create prosperity.

Make your fund look good.

Madison brings its powerful application wizard to your fund. Our unique online portal gives your investors the tools they need to quickly and safely invest their retirement funds. All you do is send them a customized link and we’ll take care of the rest. Your investors will enjoy a simple, easy, and fast application process.

What is the Madison advantage?

Madison Trust has streamlined the process for investment sponsors. There are a lot of Custodians out there, and most of them suffer from the same common problems: confusing paperwork, heavy fee schedules, and a decidedly unfriendly approach to customer support. Madison Trust was established to specifically address these problems. First we developed a custom approach to integrate Custodian services with private placement funds. Procedures were simplified, paperwork was cut to the bare minimum, and fees were published in an easy to understand format. After that we put together a world class support team. When you call Madison, we guarantee a friendly, professional, and enjoyable experience.