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Madison is the industry’s highest rated Self Directed Custodian. Our IRA LLC feature unlimited free transactions, incredible client support, and no asset fees.

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You can take your assets further by using the right kind of account. Madison offers classic custodial services, an IRA LLC, IRA Trust, and a Solo 401(k). Tell us about your investment and we’ll tell you which platform will work best.

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The Industry’s Highest Reviewed Trust Company.

Gain full Checkbook Control with a Madison IRA LLC

Take control of your retirement funds and start investing without a middle man. Madison’s IRA LLC lets you place funds in the bank of your choice and invest them with a dedicated checkbook. That means real time transactions, no transaction fees, and full access to the Madison client support team.

How does Madison set up a Self Directed IRA?

The Madison Trust Advantage

Incredible Customer Service

Madison Trust was created with one goal: give retirement investors an amazing financial experience. The first step towards that experience is unparalleled customer service. When you call, you’ll be connected with a live and knowledgeable representative.

Really Straight Forward Fees

Madison Trust works with a simple and economic fee schedule. Amongst the lowest in the industry, our flat rates help ensure the profitability of your investments. It’s time to enjoy financial transparency and the knowledge that you will never pay more for being successful.

Industry Leading Knowledge

Every Madison Trust specialist has completed rigorous CISP training. That means that every answer you get will be financially informed. Madison understands that your retirement funds are essential, and they deserve the best information available.

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  • Madison Trust is that rare company where customer service is alive and well. No endless phone menus just to be routed to a call center somewhere overseas. Instead, your calls are answered by associates who have great communications skills and who really know their stuff! They are quick to answer any questions you may have and will make sure you are satisfied by the end of your call. It really is a pleasure to do business with this company.

    Mark P.

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