Our Mission

Madison Trust is a full service trust company that was created to bring sensibility to the investment process. For too long the investment process has been a confusing system of paperwork and regulations that makes it difficult for independent investors to achieve their goals. At times it can even appear that the system is rigged to drive investors to one of the major Wall Street brokerages. That’s obviously not for your benefit. It’s your money that you’re investing, and you should have the versatility and freedom to do what you want.

Here at Madison Trust we have streamlined the investment process to give investors the tools they need to be flexible and profitable. Our self-directed IRA platform offers asset choice that goes way beyond market-based products. You now have the power to put your money in those investments which make sense to you personally, and you receive the control necessary to insure their profitability. Different people have different strengths and expertise, and it makes sense that their investments should reflect those differences. Whether you’re comfortable with real estate, a specific business or product, or even something speculative like Bitcoin, you now have the tools to take advantage.

Madison Trust also aims to redefine the investment landscape by simplifying the process. Our client support was formulated with the sole intention of making your investment interactions easy and hassle free. From our intuitive forms to our friendly staff, you’ll come to appreciate the empowerment that accompanies a productive system.

Call Madison today and find out how to start investing your way to success.