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Join our Sponsors Team, as they discuss how you can use Madison Trust to build a bridge between potential IRA investors and your fund. Learn how to experience an upsurge in capital with this widely untapped source of funds.
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Featured Speakers

Dana Udumulla
As the Investments Manager at Madison Trust Company, Dana Udumulla brings a wealth of experience in the alternative investment industry. With her expertise, Dana has helped numerous clients achieve their investment goals through Self-Directed IRAs. As a Certified IRA Services Professional, Dana specializes in IRAs and alternative investments such as real estate, private equity, and many more. In her role at Madison Trust Company, she oversees the team that assists clients with their investments while ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. Dana is dedicated to empowering investors to gain control of their retirement planning to achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future.
Nicole Capurso
Nicole Capurso is an accomplished Investment Support Specialist at Madison Trust Company. She excels as the primary liaison for Investment Sponsors, enabling them to achieve their funding goals through Self-Directed IRAs. Nicole's primary objective at Madison Trust Company is to foster awareness and optimize communication channels among fund managers, real estate syndicators, wealth managers, and other stakeholders, facilitating the connection between IRA capital and alternative investment opportunities. With a deep commitment to excellence, Nicole collaborates seamlessly with various departments within the organization, ensuring precise and efficient transactional processes.
Zachary Silver
With a steadfast dedication to his role, Zachary excels in establishing meaningful business relationships with like-minded companies, contributing to the growth and success of the organization. Drawing from his expertise in Self-Directed IRAs and investment options, Zachary is a go-to resource for clients and Investment Sponsors. His wealth of knowledge allows him to handle inquiries with ease, ensuring clients make well-informed decisions aligned with their financial goals. Through his exceptional communication skills and deep understanding of the investment landscape, Zachary provides unparalleled support to Investment Sponsors, fostering trust and confidence in their capital raising journey. His unwavering commitment to excellence makes him a driving force behind Madison Trust Company's continued achievements.

Who Is Madison Trust?

Madison Trust an "investor first" Self-Directed IRA custodian. Fund Managers and Investment Sponsors alike have come to rely on Madison Trust to seamlessly channel their investors’ IRA money into their fund. Madison remains at the forefront of the industry due to its impeccable service and flawless investment execution. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies who’ve significantly increased AUM through Madison’s Self-Directed IRA platform.

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