How to set-up a Self Directed IRA:

Are you interested in diversifying your retirement portfolio into real estate, private placements or promissory notes, but are worried about a complicated process?

The good news is that setting up a Self Directed IRA with Madison Trust Company is rather simple.

  1. The first step is to create an account using our digital application. You will be asked some basic questions, like, “What kind of IRA are you opening” and, “How are you funding your new IRA”
  2. The next step is moving funds into your new IRA. 
    • If you are transferring funds from an existing IRA, then Madison will handle the transfer for you. 
    • If you’re rolling over funds from a former employer’s plan, like a 401(k) or 403(b), then you’ll reach out to your plan administrator to request a rollover. They will issue a check or wire to your new Madison IRA.
  3. And then comes the final (and most exciting step!). You’ll instruct Madison to send funds to the investment of your choice.

The entire process typically takes 3-4 weeks from start to finish. 

Or, you can choose wire and expedited service for a 2-3-week turnaround.

You’ll be happy to learn that Madison Trust Company charges the same low, fixed fee, regardless of the amount in your IRA. The cost to set up a Self Directed IRA is $50, and $75 per quarter to maintain.

While we make the process really simple, we understand that each person’s investment is unique. That’s where our unique business model kicks in. We defy industry standards by always answering our phones. No call queues, automated phone prompts, or outsourced labor. When you call Madison, you will be serviced by a live person and you’ll be treated to stellar customer service by our friendly, knowledgeable staff. 

We’re looking forward to providing our trademark “Exceptional Service for your Exciting Opportunities”!

To learn more about setting up a Self Directed IRA please call 800-721-4900 or schedule a call with an IRA Account Specialist.

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