Self Directed IRA Basics

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A Self Directed IRA is a great way to diversify your retirement investing. Here’s what you need to know about benefits, setup, and your new Custodian.

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The Madison Trust Self Directed IRA


Sensible Diversification

With a Self Directed IRA, you can diversify your retirement investing with real estate, precious metals, or other alternative assets. Choose the assets that make sense to you and fully optimize your IRA.


Simple and Cost Effective

Setup is quick and easy. Start by filling out a simple application and within 3 weeks your account should be fully funded. For investments that need to move more quickly, Madison offers expedited service.

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When you research Self Directed Custodians, you’ll find Madison at the top of every directory. Our formula is simple: do what it takes to help our clients succeed. From free lifetime support to expert live guidance, Madison is all about you.

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Account Setup FAQ

Are Self Directed IRAs limited to Traditional Accounts?
No. Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs can be self-directed as well. Inherited IRAs (whether Traditional or Roth) can also be self-directed.

Am I required to transfer my entire existing IRA?
You are not required to transfer your entire account. You can transfer a portion when you open your Self Directed IRA and then transfer the remaining portion at a later point in time (or not at all).

What is the role of a Self Directed IRA Custodian?
The IRS requires that all IRAs be held by a qualified third party such as a bank, trust company or other authorized custodian. Accountholders can establish an IRA at a local bank or at a brokerage house, however they will usually be limited to market-based products. Self Directed IRA custodians specialize in custodying alternative assets and performing the labor-intensive duties associated with such transactions.

Self Directed FAQ

What kind of investments can I place in a Self Directed IRA?
IRAs can invest in virtually any asset class other than life insurance and collectibles. Some of the more popular Self Directed investments include real estate, private placements, and precious metals.

How do I make a contribution to my account?
This is a simple process. Issue a check or wire to your Madison IRA using the Delivery Instructions. Then fill out a Deposit Information form.

How do I take a cash distribution from my IRA?
Complete a Distribution Request, documenting the distribution type, amount, and frequency. Distributions can be sent to you via check, wire or recurring ACH.

How does Madison set up a Self Directed IRA?

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