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Guide to Tax-Efficient Investing

Guide to Tax-Efficient Investing All investment vehicles come with a cost. Even investors who are very aware of the costs associated with various types of investments are still subject to taxes. Luckily, tax-efficient investment strategies can be used to diminish the bite that taxes take out of an investor's returns. Key Takeaways Taxes can eat […]
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Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals Written by: Daniel Gleich Precious metals are precious for a lot of different reasons. These metals are pretty, so they're nice to make jewelry out of. And they're rare: Metals like gold and silver are a lot harder to find in the ground than ones like aluminum or iron, […]
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A Senior's Guide To Identity Theft

Types of Identity Theft to Know About Written by: Daniel Gleich Financial scams that deliberately target senior citizens happen all too frequently these days. Since identity theft crimes tend to be hard to prosecute and sometimes will even go unreported by the victims, they are considered "low risk" crimes. This is likely why so many […]
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Financial Aid and College Scholarship Information for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Financial Aid and College Scholarship Information for the Blind and Visually Impaired Written by: Daniel Gleich Thanks to technological and societal advancements like audiobooks, widespread braille adaptation, and tactile campus navigation tools, life as a blind or visually impaired college student is becoming less difficult. However, financing a post-secondary education can still be a struggle […]
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Financial Resources for People With Disabilities

Financial Resources for People With Disabilities Written by: Daniel Gleich People with disabilities often face additional financial challenges due to the added expenses that can stem from their disabilities, such as the need for more health care and the cost of equipment required to maintain their independence. But at the same time, research has shown […]
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The History and Impact of Currency Value

The History and Impact of Currency Value Written by: Daniel Gleich Currency has been a medium of exchange for goods and services for thousands of years. Some of the earliest known forms of currency date back to the ancient civilizations of China, Greece, and Rome. Throughout history, the value of money has significantly impacted the […]
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How to Clean Old Coins

How to Clean Old Coins Written by: Daniel Gleich Cleaning Techniques When cleaning old coins, the most important thing is to not damage the coin. Also, coins are dirty in different ways: It's not always just dirt that makes a coin look dirty, so it's essential to know a few different cleaning techniques. Eraser Slowing […]
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Senior Mental Health Guide

Senior Mental Health Guide Written by: Daniel Gleich Mental health is important for healthy functioning at all ages. Senior adults, however, face unique mental health issues as they age. Around 15% of seniors have formal mental health diagnoses for at least one mental health condition, but millions more live daily with undiagnosed conditions. Seniors should […]
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A Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Stocks

A Comprehensive Guide to Investing In Stocks Written by: Daniel Gleich When someone buys shares of stocks, they are buying small pieces of ownership in a company that is publicly owned and traded. People purchase stock in companies they believe will grow and become more profitable in the coming days, weeks, months, or years. When […]
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Understanding Taxes: Tax Terminology

Understanding Taxes: Tax Terminology Written by: Daniel Gleich 401(k): This is an employer-sponsored retirement plan where the employer withholds money from the employee's paycheck and invests it for the employee's retirement. Some employers match their employees' 401(k) contributions. The gains on a 401(k) are considered tax-deferred. Audit: This is a review of your previous tax […]
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