How Fast Can You Set Up a Self-Directed IRA?

It only takes a few minutes to open a Self-Directed IRA by filling out our online application. But how long it takes to open a Self-Directed IRA and start investing is largely dependent on the firm holding your funds: Some institutions are quicker than others in terms of responding to and executing transfer/rollover requests. The entire account processing time frame (from opening an account to funding your investment) typically takes three to four weeks. If you are transferring funds from an existing IRA, you can speed up the process by requesting a wire instead of a check. This will eliminate mail time and check clearing time, shortening the entire process to two to three weeks.

Getting Started With Your Self-Directed IRA

Madison Trust makes it easy to set up your account. Just fill out our account application and give us the information we need, including details about who you are, what type of Self-Directed IRA you want, and who your account beneficiaries will be. We'll also need to know about accounts you'll be rolling over into your new IRA, if any. 

Then, we'll set up your new account and await the transfer of funds from your old account. Once you have money in your Self-Directed IRA, you can start making investments.

Going Forward

Our standard processing time for all forms and requests is four business days.
Our expedited processing is two business days ($50 fee applies).
Note: Forms and requests received after 1 p.m. Eastern time will be considered received on the next business day.
Non-bank checks (e.g. personal and business checks) will be held for seven business days.
Bank and other financial institution checks will be held for five business days.
Incoming wires are available the next business day ($25 fee applies).
Our ACH hold time is 7 business days as put in place by Capital One.
For investments that are time-sensitive, you have access to the following services:
Expedited Processing Time ($50)
Overnight Mail ($50)
Wire Transfer ($25)

To learn more about setting up a Self Directed IRA, 
contact us to schedule a call with a Self-Directed
 IRA Specialist today!

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