Invest in Gold/Precious Metals with a Self Directed IRA  

Almost any financial advisor you speak with will agree that diversifying your investment portfolio is crucial. This includes investing in a variety of standard assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in addition to alternative assets like real estate, precious metals, promissory notes, and more.  

Many savvy investors hold gold in their Self Directed IRA, giving them a well-diversified portfolio. Gold is a tangible asset and can provide a hedge against the volatile stock market and inflation. An added benefit is that if the gold is held in a Self Directed IRA, your funds will be growing in a tax-deferred (Traditional IRA) or tax-free (Roth IRA) account.  

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Why Madison Trust?  

Step-by-Step Guidance – Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process from account setup to placing your investment. You will always be able to speak to a live representative.  

Secure Investing – Madison Trust works with FideliTrade and the Delaware Depository for all gold investments. Have peace of mind knowing that you can purchase gold at a fair price and have it stored safely in a secure bullion vault. 

Straightforward Fees – As your investments grow, your fees will stay the same. Amongst the lowest in the industry, our flat rates help ensure you will never pay more for investing in your future. 

How To Invest in Gold with a Self Directed IRA

  1. Open and Fund  

Open a Self Directed IRA account by completing our online application. At the same time, open an account with FideliTrade, a Delaware Depository Company. 

  1. Visit FideliTrade’s Website and Call to Lock in Your Price  

Visit their Products and Prices Page to choose what type of precious metal you would like to invest in. Then, call FideliTrade to lock in your price.

  1. Invest in Gold or Other Precious Metals 

Invest in the precious metals of your choice. Contact FideliTrade to lock in your trade and complete Madison’s Investment Authorization Form directing us to make the investment. 

Madison Trust works with Delaware Depository, a nationally recognized depository that will securely store your precious metals in their secure bullion vault.

Investing in Gold with a Self Directed IRA – FAQ 

  1. How can I hold Gold in an IRA? 

The Internal Revenue Code requires precious metals in an IRA to be held in the physical possession of a US trustee, such as a US bank or financial institution. For more information, refer to McNulty v. Commissioner.  

The safest approach to holding IRS-approved bullion is at an approved depository, such as Delaware Depository. One cannot hold precious metals personally. The precious metals must be held in the IRA’s name to maintain its tax-advantaged status.  

  1. How can I withdraw precious metals?  

Besides investing in precious metals, you can also withdraw your bullion and take direct physical possession of them. If you take a distribution before age 59 ½, you will have to pay tax and early distribution penalties.  

The type of metals you receive at distribution depends on how you select to store your metals (segregated or non-segregated).  

  • Segregated Storage – the exact metal you purchased is what you will receive if you sell them or do an in-kind distribution.  
  • Non-segregated Storage – When you sell the metals or complete an in-kind distribution, you may receive “like” metals, which are not the exact metals you purchased. For example, you may purchase 2018 silver American Eagles. When you take a distribution, you may receive different 2018 silver American Eagles or silver American Eagles from a different year.  
  1. What Fees are there to Hold Gold in an IRA? 

Owning precious metal in an IRA incurs a few different types of fees, including:  

  • Seller’s Fees (Markup) – Gold is sold at a going rate. However, there can be markups depending on whether you are purchasing gold bars, coins, proofs, etc. This can also vary depending on the vendor.  
  • Custodian Fees – These types of fees include an annual fee or transaction fee. Depending on the custodian, you may also be charged a higher fee as your account value increases. Madison Trust charges a low, flat fee regardless of the value of your Self Directed IRA.  
  • Storage Fees – Precious metals must be held by a qualified storage facility, such as the Delaware Depository. There may be a fee to store your metals.  
  • Cost of the Precious Metals – IRA Investors must purchase the desired precious metals from a metals dealer. The price of the precious metals depends on a variety of market factors.