Collaborative Efforts

Madison Trust & Broad Financial
Enlightening and Edifying the Path Towards Retirement

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. Both Madison Trust and Broad Financial believe that by working together, we can enhance our dedication and better aid in empowering you to potentially retire richer. By joining forces, we strive to provide unparalleled support, instilling clarity, and confidence in those eager to self-direct.

Where It All Began

President and CEO Daniel Gleich’s inspiration began after observing his parents’ investments. Mr. Gleich took note that their savings were only distributed throughout Wall Street products. With a firm belief that investments should be spread and highly varied, he decided to investigate ways in which he could garner access to alternative assets for retirement. It wasn’t long before he discovered the potential within Self-Directed IRAs (SDIRAs).

Mr. Gleich launched Broad Financial in 2009 as an IRA LLC Facilitator. Broad Financial upgraded Self-Directed IRA owners with the turbocharged power of checkbook control. This allowed investors to perform everyday transactions on their own accord and seize sudden opportunities by investing in real time.

All Self-Directed IRAs are required by the IRS to be held by Self-Directed IRA custodians. When it came time to direct clients to a Self-Directed IRA custodian, it was difficult to pinpoint a trust company that Broad Financial could proudly stand behind with service as exceptional as their own. Hence came the creation of Madison Trust.

Madison Trust is a Self-Directed IRA custodian devoted to empowering individuals to gain control of their retirement investments. An SDIRA enables you to truly diversify your retirement portfolio by investing in alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals, private placements, promissory notes, and more.

Madison Trust manages administrative tasks, such as completing any IRS-required tax reporting or administering contributions. Since SDIRA owners oversee their investments, Madison Trust Specialists perform transactions solely at the direction of the account holder.

The Correlation of Self-Direction

If you plan to self-direct, all roads lead to Madison Trust. As every type of IRA offered at Madison Trust and Broad Financial is born as a Self-Directed IRA, we encourage prospective investors to first gather fuel at Madison Trust.

After determining your self-directing gameplan, you may consider upgrading your SDIRA to a Checkbook IRA, IRA LLC, or IRA Trust. This is when you’d venture off to Broad Financial. There, a Broad Financial Specialist will create an IRS-compliant IRA LLC or IRA Trust and handle all the paperwork. After this is completed, you will head to the bank of your choice and open and fund a checking account under your IRA LLC or IRA Trust. Because you’ve now revved your engine with the turbo-charged checkbook control, you can perform your everyday transactions on your time.

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Our Process
The Madison Trust and Broad Financial Connection

In tandem, Madison Trust and Broad Financial have cultivated a seamless self-directing experience. Here’s how to navigate its highway:

The Meeting Point: Madison Trust’s Two-Step Initiation

Regardless of the account type you would like to establish your investment journey will begin at Madison Trust.

  1. Open an SDIRA with Madison Trust. To start the process, simply complete our easy online application.
  2. Fund your Self-Directed IRA by transferring or rolling over all – or a portion – of your funds from an existing retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k), or by making an initial contribution.

Splitting Lanes

The lane you’ll merge into will be entirely based off your investing goals.

Looking to stick to a low transaction investment?
It's Time to Invest!

Direct Madison Trust to send your IRA funds by writing a check or sending a wire directly to your investment. 

You’re all set!
Do you plan on performing transactions frequently?
Establish an LLC or a Trust for your SDIRA.

Broad Financial will help create an IRS-compliant LLC or Trust for your IRA, handling all the paperwork.

Open and Fund a Checking Account

You will then open a checking account in the name of your IRA LLC or IRA Trust at the bank of your choice. Once the account is opened, you’ll then instruct Madison Trust to send your IRA funds directly to your dedicated checking accounts.

It’s Time to Invest!

Once the funds are in your newly established checking account, begin investing by simply writing a check or sending a wire.

You’re all set!

Sister Companies Unify

Both Madison Trust and Broad Financial are thrilled to partner together to curate your ideal investing experience. Through educational resources and readily available specialists, we’re here to possibly steer you in the direction of a potential prosperous retirement.

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