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We’ve helped both companies and funds raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Think of us as a bridge, connecting you to your investors’ retirement accounts.
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We understand your unique needs
Our entire team has a positive can-do attitude. Every member of our staff has the product knowledge and professionalism to provide your investors with a pleasant experience. Our goal is to make you look good and enhance your overall relationship with your investors.

Our fees are flat-rate (they’re never asset-based)
We don’t believe that asset-based holding fees need to be charged to provide outstanding customer service. Our clients all pay the same flat-rate annual fee regardless of the amount in their IRA.

We can proactively help you raise capital
Tapping into your existing investors’ IRAs is an easy way to increase capital. Many people have significant percentages of their IRAs uninvested – and don’t know they can invest them in alternatives (like your company/fund). That’s where we can help – by educating your investors and enabling them to invest their IRA money directly into your company/fund.

To learn how we can proactively help you increase AUM, call us at (800) 721-4900.

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