September 29, 2023

Get To Know Madison Trust Company: Spirit Week 2023

Written By: Daniel Gleich

Key Points 

  • During the last week of August, Madison Trust Company and our sister company, Broad Financial, participated in our Third Annual Spirit Week.
  • As we wore themed attire, decorated desks, and raised over $7,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, our company was able to bond and make lasting memories.
  • We had a ton of fun while forging a work environment that is empowering, collaborating, improving, and caring. In turn, this creates a positive experience for every client.
Madison Trust Company and Broad Financial's Spirit Week 2023

As an end of the summer celebration, Madison Trust Company and our sister company, Broad Financial, participated in our Third Annual Spirit Week! Employees were encouraged to come to work dressed according to different themes, engage in team-building activities, and participate in a philanthropic fundraiser. The office was bursting with laughter, creativity, and comradery among team members. This week truly personified our culture of caring, collaboration, improving, and empowering.

One of our Self-Directed IRA Specialists, Emily, described what this week means to her, “I love how Spirit Week brings the whole company together. Over the last three years, everyone has gotten more involved and displays good team spirit. These types of activities truly bond our company.”  

Let’s see how the week went!

Monday: Game Day

To kick off the week, individuals were encouraged to showcase their love for their favorite game, whether it be a board game, video game, or sporting event. To our delight, there were a variety of games selected – we had Guess Who, Monopoly, Scrabble, Mario Kart, The Price is Right, New York Giants football, and more.

  • Spirit Wek Game Day Monopoly
  • Spirit Week Game Day Clue
  • Spirit Week Game Day The Price Is Right
  • Spirit Week Game Day Scrabble
  • Spirit Week Game Day Mario Kart
  • Spirit Week Game Day Clue
  • Spirit Week Game Day Giant Football

Tuesday: Holiday Theme

Early Tuesday morning before the workday even began, the office was beaming with bright, festive decorations. Each department was tasked with selecting a holiday and decorating a desk. Representing Halloween, Purim, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Fourth of July, each team really outdid themselves this year!

  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Christmas
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Christmas
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Easter
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Halloween
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Purim
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme St. Patrick's Day
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Valentine's Day
  • Spirit Week Holiday Theme Fourth of July

Wednesday: Character Day

On Wednesday, teams were encouraged to wear apparel that represents a character from their favorite book, movie, TV show, cartoon, Disney, etc. Teams really came together to pull off these costumes. Our office was filled with characters from “Shrek”, “101 Dalmatians”, “Star Wars”, “Toy Story”, and we even found Waldo!

  • Spirit Week Character Day
  • Spirit Week Character Day 101 Dalmations
  • Spirit Week Character Day Ino Naruto
  • Spirit Week Character Day Star Wars
  • Spirit Week Character Day Toy Story
  • Spirit Week Character Day Waldo
  • Spirit Week Character Day Shrek
  • Spirit Week Character Day Shrek

Thursday: Animal Kingdom

On Thursday, we were welcomed to the jungle! Individuals wore apparel that represented their favorite animals such as a cheetah, zebra, mice, tiger, cow, among many others! Some of our teams were very comfy, as animal onesies filled the room.

On Thursday night, we all gathered at a local bowling alley and arcade where we shared a meal and announced the week’s winners. Awards were given for Most Spirited Team Member each day, MVP of Spirit Week, and the team with the most money fundraised.  

We are proud to share that our company raised a total of $7,629 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, resulting in our company being among the top three fundraisers for Make-A-Wish in August!

  • Spirit Week Animal Day
  • Spirit Week Animal Day Cheetah
  • Spirit Week Animal Day Cow
  • Spirit Week Animal Day Tigger
  • Spirit Week Animal Day Werewolf
  • Spirit Week Animal Day Zebra
  • Spirit Week Animal Day Three Blind Mice

Friday: Recap Day

To end our fun and productive week, on Friday we reminisced about the great ideas and good times we shared through a special PowerPoint presentation and video. We laughed until tears streamed down our cheeks, as another fantastic Spirit Week came to an end.

Conclusion: Let's Tie It All Up

When a company cares for its employees, this is reflected in the overall culture. It also allows employees to feel empowered to work together and provide an excellent experience for all our clients. 

Are you interested in joining the Madison Trust team? Check out our career opportunities or contact us.

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