11 FAQs about Self Directed IRA Custodians

Posted on: April 26, 2022   |   Category: In The News

When it comes to planning for your retirement, you want to get it right. It all starts with choosing the right account type and the right company to hold your assets. This can be done through research and by asking the right questions.    Are you looking to diversify your retirement portfolio with alternative assets […]

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How Saving for Retirement Can Lower Your Current Tax Bill  

Posted on: March 30, 2022   |   Category: In The News

While the tax deadline (April 18, 2022) is swiftly approaching, there is still time to save on your current tax bill. Many are unaware that you can receive tax breaks today by saving for retirement. This may sound like a win-win situation, but before you jump into anything be sure that you assess your retirement […]

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How To Set Up a Self Directed Roth IRA

Posted on: March 17, 2022   |   Category: In The News

What is a Self Directed Roth IRA?  A Self Directed Roth IRA combines two functions. First, it allows investors to place retirement funds in almost any asset. Second, it does so within a Roth framework. That means the money invested comes from post-tax dollars and can now grow tax-free.  Investors generally open a Self Directed […]

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The Self Directed IRA Rollover – A Complete How-To Guide

Posted on: January 26, 2022   |   Category: In The News

What Does a Self-Directed IRA Rollover Accomplish? Let’s start with the basics. A Self Directed IRA rollover is the process where funds are transferred from an existing retirement account into a self-directed account. The purpose of the Self Directed IRA rollover is to maintain the tax-advantaged status of the retirement funds. Without the concept of a rollover, […]

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What To Do If Your Self-Directed IRA Falls Victim to a Scam

Posted on: December 27, 2021   |   Category: In The News

Nobody wants it to happen. Being the victim of a scam is a lousy feeling, especially if the scam targeted your Self-Directed IRA. However, in the unfortunate event that it happened, what should you do? Is there any way to report the scam? What about recovering the funds that were stolen? There is no one right answer for every situation, but there is a series […]

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The 8 Commandments of Protecting Your Self-Directed IRA from Scams

Posted on: December 20, 2021   |   Category: In The News

Now that we’ve explored the red flags associated with scams and specific scams that can target a Self-Directed IRA, it’s time to turn to protection. What follows are practical suggestions that can help minimize the chances of you falling victim to a scam. There are never any guarantees in life, but by observing a few simple rules, you should be able to keep your Self-Directed IRA safe.  Research the investment  When […]

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Avoiding Scams in a Self-Directed IRA Part 2 – Your Self-Directed IRA Should Watch Out For These Scams

Posted on: December 13, 2021   |   Category: In The News

Now that we have discussed educational resources and scam red flags, let’s get specific. There are a number of different kinds of scams that can target a Self-Directed IRA, but they all share the same basic structure. They offer some kind of alternative asset or system that is hard to find elsewhere, they make an extremely enticing claim regarding returns, and often there will be some kind of time-based push to get going. Let’s examine a few of the more […]

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Avoiding Scams in a Self-Directed IRA Part 1 – Education and Red Flags

Posted on: December 6, 2021   |   Category: In The News

Growing your Self-Directed IRA can be challenging even in the best of conditions. You have to evaluate potential investments, manage existing assets, and make sure that all the legal paperwork is maintained. What you don’t want to worry about is immoral scammers who are looking to make a fast score. Unfortunately, this kind of crime is a reality and it’s pervasive enough that investors need to […]

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How To Avoid Paying Extra Taxes and Penalties in a Self Directed IRA Part 4 – Prohibited Transactions

Posted on: November 29, 2021   |   Category: In The News

If there is one topic that dominates a lot of the Self-Directed IRA content, it’s prohibited transactions. The concept has become something of a bogeyman for Self-Directed IRA investors with articles warning in capital letters about its inherent dangers. There is no denying that in the context of a retirement account, committing a prohibited transaction is a bad idea. It can rack up […]

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How To Avoid Paying Extra Taxes and Penalties in a Self-Directed IRA Part 3 – Excess Accumulations

Posted on: November 22, 2021   |   Category: In The News

Self-Directed IRA account holders have a greater obligation to be aware of the IRS rules. Since they take a more active role in their retirement investing, they don’t always have the safety net which comes with an institutionalized platform. Usually this required awareness pertains to the improper use of Self-Directed IRA funds. The account holder could potentially take the funds out too early or invest them in a way deemed prohibited. But what about the opposite case? Can […]

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