September 25, 2023

Rock and Roll to Retirement Wealth with a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio

Written By: Daniel Gleich

Key Points 

  • A Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) in Ohio allows you to invest in alternative assets like real estate, private businesses, precious metals, and more.
  • Ohio's business-friendly environment, low cost of living, and growing cities create an attractive landscape for real estate investments within your Self-Directed IRA.
  • With a Self-Directed IRA, you can fund private businesses to take advantage of Ohio's strategic location and favorable business climate.
historical marker for the invention of Rock and Roll in Cleveland, Ohio

When it comes to planning for retirement, you want a stage that can bring your dreams to life. Enter the Self-Directed IRA in Ohio, allowing you to invest your way, to your beat. Ohio's low cost of living, industrial infrastructure, and vibrant communities are just a few of the reasons why opening a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio can be an empowering financial decision. It may even be as exciting and inspiring as experiencing Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. With a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio, you’ll be able to:

Buy Real Estate

aerial view of real estate development with surrounding greenery

Ohio boasts an enticing mix of urban, suburban, and rural living, offering something for everyone. With a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio, you can capitalize on the state's low cost of living and attractive real estate prices to invest in properties that match your investment strategy. Thriving cities like Columbus and Cincinnati are experiencing population growth, creating a strong demand for rental properties. Lesser-known yet growing cities such as Middletown and Cuyahoga Falls also present exciting investment opportunities. By investing in real estate with your Self-Directed IRA, you can build a portfolio that aligns with your retirement goals.

Fund Private Businesses

business professionals sitting a table negotiating private business

Did you know that Ohio is home to three of America's top 10 tech cities? Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus have become magnets for exciting tech companies that are shaping the future of business. A Self-Directed IRA gives you a tax-advantaged tool to invest in promising startups and other private companies, not just in Ohio, but across the United States.

Ohio's geographic location at the crossroads of the country, proximity to many major cities in the Midwest and Northeast. Additionally, a robust industrial infrastructure positions the state as a hub for businesses of all types and sizes. In turn, you can find opportunities close to home for you to invest in private businesses with both proven stability and attractive growth potential.

Invest in Precious Metals

A Self-Directed IRA in Ohio also allows you to potentially hedge against market inflation by investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Diversifying your Self-Directed IRA with precious metals enables you to lean into the possible long-term benefits of tangible assets. Madison Trust simplifies the process of investing in precious metals through FideliTrade, a Delaware Depository Company.

Establish an IRA LLC

Overhead view of business professional holding a tablet that says ‘LLC - Limited Liability Company’

You can enhance your control and flexibility with a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio by establishing an IRA LLC. This unique structure, also known as a Checkbook IRA, enables you to directly manage your retirement funds without intermediaries, facilitating faster and more efficient everyday transactions. Ohio's business-friendly environment and simplified LLC setup laws create a solid foundation for your financial freedom. Madison Trust, along with its sister company, Broad Financial, can guide you through the process of forming an IRA LLC, giving you the confidence to manage your retirement portfolio with added protection and convenience.

How to Open a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio

Setting the stage for your retirement dreams begins with opening a Self-Directed IRA in Ohio with Madison Trust. Our dedicated team is here to support you with opening your account and provide you with information that can help you stay in tune with IRS regulations as you select and manage your investments. Schedule a free discovery call today!

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