April 3, 2024

Craft Your Future with a Self-Directed IRA in South Carolina

Written By: Daniel Gleich

Key Points 

  • South Carolina combines mild weather, Southern charm, and pro-business tax regulations, positioning it as an attractive state for Self-Directed IRA owners.
  • A Self-Directed IRA in South Carolina opens the door to investing in real estate, private businesses, precious metals, and more.
  • An IRA LLC enables you to experience real-time investing in alternative assets.
Colorful buildings on Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina

A Southeastern stalwart, South Carolina embodies the American ideals of innovation and independence. Whether drawn to the tranquil shores of Hilton Head Island or the entrepreneurial spirit of Greenville, residents enjoy a warm and tax-friendly climate all around. With such a high quality of life, many South Carolinians turn to Self-Directed IRAs (SDIRAs) to invest in alternative assets with tax advantages. With a Self-Directed IRA in South Carolina, you can:

Buy Real Estate

real estate investing in south carolina

South Carolina abounds with historic properties gracing cozy, romantic neighborhoods. Architectural treasures like Charleston's Rainbow Row attract visitors every day. But beyond its traditional appeal, South Carolina real estate could be a wise investment due to the state’s growing population, popularity, and strong business community.

Past investors have likely capitalized on commercial and residential growth in Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville. Investing in real estate appeals to many SDIRA owners because diversification can potentially help buffer your retirement portfolio against stock market volatility and inflation.

You can invest in rental properties, fix-and-flip projects, or even raw land in South Carolina and beyond with your Self-Directed IRA. The high level of control you gain with an SDIRA allows you to invest in properties that align with your investment goals. Moreover, any income and gains flow directly back into your IRA, tax-deferred or tax-free, depending on the type of SDIRA you have.

Invest in Private Businesses

a private business investor on her laptop with a calculator in hand

South Carolina ranks among the nation's top exporters, producing goods for major industries including aerospace, automotive, and biotech. The state's manufacturing heft makes it a global business hub, with 7% of employed residents working in foreign-affiliated businesses.

Some of the biggest private manufacturers with operations in the Palmetto State include Novolex, Milliken & Company, and Nephron Pharmaceuticals. Brands find value in South Carolina's pro-business tax structure and ready workforce. Your Self-Directed IRA lets you invest in private businesses (also known as private placements), tying potential future comfort to present acumen. You can fund startups and ventures or buy equity in established private enterprises with IPO dreams.

Hold Precious Metals

South Carolina's gold industry has flickered in and out of prominence since the 1820s. Currently, gold is still found in local waterways and lode mines in Lancaster and Chesterfield counties. Without having to pan on your own, you can invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium through your Self-Directed IRA. Precious metals can hold intrinsic value as well as market-derived worth, which is why they are common assets in SDIRAs.

With Madison Trust’s Gold IRA, you can easily purchase physical bullion or eligible coins from FideliTrade, a Delaware Depository Company. FideliTrade will store your metals in a secure depository vault.

Establish an IRA LLC

wooden blocks with "LLC" sitting on a notebook

South Carolina investors have so many exciting investment opportunities. If you want to go after these opportunities with complete autonomy, you can consider setting up an IRA LLC and Checkbook IRA.  An IRA LLC lets you invest in real time, without going through your SDIRA custodian. This structure eliminates many document fees and adds speed to your everyday investment transactions. You can pounce on an appealing investment immediately.

Madison Trust's sister company, Broad Financial, specializes in IRA LLC setup. They can help you upgrade your existing SDIRA to one with a checkbook control in just a few steps. Once your IRA LLC is established, you’re free to invest how you want, as long as you adhere to IRS regulations. Does your property manager need money for repairs? Do you want to own more properties? Simply write a check or send a wire from a dedicated checking account tied to your IRA LLC.

Get Started with Opening a Self-Directed IRA in South Carolina

Opening a Self-Directed IRA in South Carolina requires a qualified custodian like Madison Trust. You will fund your SDIRA with cash, a transfer from an existing IRA, or a 401(k) rollover. After you've set up your SDIRA, you're ready to choose your investments and diversify your retirement funds as you see fit. Madison Trust is here to help with the paperwork required for your SDIRA investments. 

It’s time to gain control of your retirement investing. You deserve to be free to invest in South Carolina property, private equity, precious metals, or whatever suits your interests, all with tax advantages. Schedule a free discovery call with Madison Trust today!

Disclaimer: All of the information contained on our website is a general discussion for informational purposes only. Madison Trust Company does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. Nothing of the foregoing, or of any other written, electronic, or oral statement or communication by Madison Trust Company or its representatives, is intended to be, or may be relayed as, legal, tax, investment advice, statements, opinions, or predictions. Prior to making any investment decisions, please consult with the appropriate legal, tax, and investment professionals for advice.

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